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HD DLP Projector for 3D Scanning SM7-MH

DLP projector is a compact light engine module which can be applied to the fields of  medicine,3D scanner, biology and science. Its core adopts TI DLP display and drive technology, and the display unit uses DLP 0.45′DMD with the resolution of WXGA 1280 x 800.

The projector is made of all-metal casing and all-glass material. The symmetrical design of the projection lens is especially suitable for binocular structure light. It supports multi-wavelength LED light source and multiple projection lenses, which is easy to replace.It supports synchronous input and output, and can store raster images directly. You can set the projection time of each picture and output the synchronous trigger model to suit different user environment requirements. It provides users with portable, programmable, compact optomechanical module components, especially for high-end requirements 3D raster scanners.


–3D scanning structured light applications: 

– 3D modeling and design

– Fingerprint identification and face recognition

– Machine vision and robotic factory automation

– Industrial inspection

– Medical and life sciences applications

– Vascular imaging

– Hyperspectral imaging

– Dental impression scanners

– Intraoral dental scanners

           – Orthopedics, prosthesis, CT, MRI, and X-ray markin


     Pannel          DLP 0.45” WXGA DMD
     Brightness          350lm@30W
     Contrast          1000:1
     Uniformity           >90%
     Source           R /G /B /W LED /UV405 LED
     Offset           without offset 


      Image size

            72*115mm @ 200mm

            170*270mm @ 500mm  

               335*536mm @ 1000mm