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As a professional manufacturer dedicating to high precision optics and photoelectric components , SICUBE PHOTONICS CO., LIMITED spreads its products and service all over the world. We are capable of design, production and coating for high precision optics and have taken the leading position in the world.Further more, we master the core technology of photoelectric components in the fields of DLP projection system, biometric identification, 3D imaging, 3D printing and so on.

With "For Better Vision" as the promise, SICUBE offers a variety of products including: optical lenses, mirrors and filters used in projection system; fingerprint prisms and reflectors used in biometric identification; PBS bonding prisms,TIR/RTIR prisms and DLP light engines used in 3D cinema and 3D printer; DLP 3D printers for dental and jewery design, etc.

SICUBE has super clean factory,advanced manufacturing and testing equipment to meet the standards of optical components production. We can satisfy customers' demand for bulk orders and can also flexibly deal with delivery requirements of batch and multiple varieties. 


SICUBE enriches the design capability of optical systems and ensures the excellent performance of the optical products . We can also customize the optical system to save customers' production cost and time.

Anytime, anywhere, please contact    SICUBE: FOR BETTER VISION.