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Structured Light Projector for Super-Resoluton Structured Illumination Microscopy

Structured illumination microscopy(SIM) is capable of providing super-resolution imaging. It breaks the diffraction limit by moving the high-frequency information of objects into the detectable frequency band of the optical imaging system via frequency mixing. Due to its attractive advantages, such as low intensity illumination, independence of particular fluorescent dyes, and rapid wide-field imaging capability, SIM has become the most popular technique for super-resolution imaging of living cells. 

Super-resolution three-dimensional (3D) optical microscopy has incomparable advantages over other high-resolution microscopic technologies, such as electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy, We present an approach of structured illumination microscopy (SIM) by using SICUBE SM7 and SM9 DMD projector for fringe projection and a low-coherence LED light for illumination. The article was published on Nature.


SM7 and SM9 DLP projectors adopt 385nm/405nm/485nm/615nm LED for light source.Besides ,Standard C-mount projectror lens can meet requirements of the microscope interface easily.