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A polarizing beam splitter prism (PBS Prism) is an optical element used to separate horizontal polarization and vertical polarization of light. We are the leading PBS prism manufacturer in China.

SICUBE has the world's most-advanced magnetron sputtering optical coating equipment to provide customers with optical filters, reflective plates, dichroic plates, optical low pass filter (OLPF) and other optical coating products.

SICUBE produces a variety of sizes and special materials for optical lenses. In addition to the general broadband anti-reflective film, optical lenses can also be coated with dichroic film and ultra-wide band anti-reflective film. We are the leading optical lenses manufacturer in China.

SICUBE offers DLP 3D Printers with the Professional UV DLP Projector, the world’s first super-speed, top-down DLP 3D printer for the dental field and jewelry creation. See more about the GiziMate DLP 3D Printer.