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Polarizing Beam Splitter Prism

A optical prism is a transparent object surrounded by two planes that intersect but are not parallel to each other.  The most important parameters of a prism are the angle and material.  Prisms are widely used in splitting, depolarization, polarization, image orientation, dual channel instruments, etc.

There are four main types of prisms based on the function: dispersion prism, deflection or reflection prism, rotating prism and offset prism.  Deflection, offset and rotating prisms are commonly used in imaging applications; diffusion prisms are designed for dispersive light sources and are not suitable for any application that requires high quality images.

SICUBE offers ODM and OEM of high end optical components,like PBS prism.leading PBS prisms manufacturer in china.

Polarizing beam splitter prism(PBS Prism) is a kind of optical element used to separate horizontal polarization and vertical polarization of light.

The polarizing beam splitter prism is used to separate the horizontal polarization and vertical polarization of a beam of light. The transmittance ratio of P light and s light is greater than 1000, and the transmittance of P light is more than 90%. It has the characteristics of low stress, high extinction ratio, good imaging quality and small beam deflection angle. The wavelength range is 420-1600nm. It can be used for polarizing, detecting and adjusting light intensity.


SICUBE's high precision Optical prisms mainly include Optical TIR/RTIR prisms, Polarizing beam splitter(PBS) prisms, combination prisms, biometric prisms, AR prisms and so on. They are widely used in DLP projection, 3D cinema, fingerprint identification, 3D printing and scanning, AR display and other fields. 


SICUBE optimized the Polarizing beam splitter coating based on years of coating design experience and hardware strength, and produced double bonding, three bonding, four bonding, five bonding PBS coating products. It can meet the needs of different industries such as laser interference, projection display, 3D cinema and so on.