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Right Angle Prism , Penta Prism , Dove Prism

As an optical prism manufacturer in China, SICUBE offers ODM and OEM normal optical prism manufacturing, including right angle prism, penta prism, and dove prism. If you send us a drawing, we will make samples for you at a low cost.

Right-angle prisms are prisms designed with a 90° angle. Right-angle prisms produce inverted or reverted left-handed images, depending on the orientation of the prism. Using two right-angle prisms together is ideal for image or beam displacement applications. These prisms are also known as image reflection or reflecting prisms.

The right-angle prism utilizes a 45-degree right triangle and is one of the most commonly used prisms for redirecting light and rotating images.



Penta Prisms are used to define right angles in optical systems. Penta Prisms, which provide right handed images, feature a ray deviation of 90°. Penta Prisms are five-sided prisms and unaffected by slight movements.SICUBE offers a variety of Penta Prisms for optimal performance in the Ultraviolet (UV), Visible, or Infrared (IR) spectrums.

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A dove prism is used to rotate, invert, or retroreflect an image, depending upon the prism’s rotation angle and the surface through which the light enters the prism. Dove prisms can be thought of as a right-angle prism with the triangular apex removed, reducing the weight of the prism and stray internal reflections. They introduce astigmatism when used with converging light, so we recommend using them with collimated light. Additionally, these prisms affect the polarization state of light transmitted through them.

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