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TIR Prism and RTIR Prism

Total Internal Reflection Prism (TIR prism) is a combination of two laminated prisms. A TIR prism effectively directs the incident light to a DMD chip, then the expected image is projected by following the light beam reflected by the DMD chip. TIR/RTIR prisms are applied in DLP projection systems, and the light path is changed by using TIR to save the space in optical engines and enhance the contrast level of the system.

In an RTIR architecture, a reverse total internal reflection (RTIR) prism is used in a projection path between a spatial light modulator and the projection optics.

SICUBE offers ODM and OEM of high-end optical components such as TIR prism and RTIR prism.

SICUBE's high precision prisms include TIR prism, RTIR prisms for DLP light engines, PBS prisms, combination prisms, biometric prisms, AR prisms, and more. They are widely used in DLP projection systems, DMD projectors, 3D cinema, fingerprint identification, 3D printing and scanning, AR display, and other fields.


1. Full process machining and testing capability

2. Customized production, timely delivery

3. Processing capacity: angle accuracy: 5"; surface accuracy: within 1/10 λ; dimension accuracy: + 0.02mm

4. Green production, environmental protection


SSICUBE can produce various sizes of TIR and RTIR prisms for DLP projection optical systems, suitable for 0.2, 0.3, 0.45, 0.47, 0.65, 0.95-inch DMD chips. In addition to providing conventional visible TIR/RTIR prisms, SICUBE provides both 365 nm-405 nm and 750 nm working band TIR prisms for 3D printing and sweeping requirements.