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HD UV LED DLP Projector SM7-405B for 3D Printing

UV DLP projector is a compact light engine module which can be applied to the fields of 3D printers, medicine, biology, and science. Its core adopts TI DLP display and drive technology, and the display unit uses DLP 0.45′DMD with the resolution of WXGA 1280 x 800. In the 3D print field, the UV DLP projector SM7-405B has optimized the optical system at the wavelength of 405nm/385nm/365nm. It uses a variety of patterns to the LED drive to control the brightness and switch of the LED on the hardware. The software provide a debugging and developing platform to satisfy different users, and it provides a high resolution, high light, and compact programmability light engine module for the customers.


FOV and Distance:


Drawing of Projector: